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Terms And Conditions

All the Legal Terms are listed here.

Before downloading or using any of 'Wire Templates' products, please read, review, and understand our Terms and Conditions. The following Terms of Use are a requirement that you read carefully as when you purchase or use any Wire Templates Products, services, or use this Website, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. By utilizing these products, you consent to the following Terms of Use.

1. Licences

The products provided on WireTemplates.com are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International ( "CC BY-NC-ND 4.0" ), that allows non-commercial use. Using our products is not recommended if you intend to remove our footer credits or resell the premium version. Blogger is free, but it's not an open-source platform where you will start copying some templates and content everything should be fair. there are some rules and regulations of the Internet that you can read below.

2. Licences Key

Only premium clients receive the license key, which is used solely for future upgrades and for joining our community with the verification tag licensing key. This license key cannot be distributed online in a public source by anybody. With each product, a consumer purchases, a unique license keyboard is given to each user. The license key you obtained when purchasing the software will be required for certain technical verifications; you can simply retrieve this at any time from the payment checkout page. You may go to the update section for further details.

3. Free Licence

We felt that everyone should have access to high-quality templates, therefore we created this license to reflect that. Our Templates Free Versions are available for free download from the official template website. Users can use it for their personal blogs/websites ("no modification is allowed with footer credit"). The following guidelines must be followed by the user in order to use this license:
  • Use for profit is not permitted to use our templates. 
  • Future updates are provided for free versions. 
  • No technical help is provided from our side. 
  • Credits in the footer cannot be removed to should be referred to us.

If our credits are illegally removed, the user might face penalties for breaching our copyrights under the DMCA ("Digital Millennium Copyright Act").

4. Premium Licence

This license allows the purchaser to use the template for personal, non-commercial purposes. Additionally, it gives you access to advanced features as well as technical support and future enhancements. The customer agrees to the following rules by using this license:
  • The license is private and cannot be shared with any parties.
  • It is prohibited to use this model for commercial purposes ("No Re-Sale Allowed").
  • Rearranging templates for distributing purposes is prohibited.
  • Virtually no free sharing of the template is allowed ("use an affiliate program for sharing").

The right to completely revoke the user's license and use rights is reserved by Wire Templates in the event that the aforementioned regulations are broken. In certain circumstances, refunds are not permitted and the user will not access the template and its future updates.

The DMCA ("Digital Millennium Copyright Act") may impose penalties on the user for breaching our copyrights if they utilize our products and codes (HTML, CSS, or JavaScript) without our express permission.

5. Delivery

Our templates are delivered through a payment gateway partner (“LemonSqueezy.com”). The product will be directly delivered to your email. also when you are purchasing a product after completing the payment you will see a download button on that checkout page. 
  • The user receives an email while purchasing any template online.
  • User can access their customer LemonSqueezy account to download products.
  • The template will deliver only to you after making a successful payment.
  • There should be no advance borrow request taking template.

6. Updates

When there is a new update rollout from our side we will email every customer and send that update via email notification. you can also download your update from your LemonSqueezy account check here how to download the new update with easy steps. The product changelog of the version can be checked from the template post. For the following conditions, updates will not provide:
  • Rising fake refund complaints from payment gateway.
  • Re-distributing our product's premium version online.
  • Users will not able to access their LemonSqueezy account if blacklisted by us.

7. Support

When you purchase a premium template you will get technical support, you can visit our support page to raise a complaint and we will help you to solve that issue. Please do not rise any support from our social media pages like facebook, twitter or any other. Using our support page is the fastest way to get support on the product that you have purchased. In our support we will only fix technical issues and bugs, we will not provide any customization of the template.
  • Technical support is free for a lifetime regarding the product that you purchased and is active on our Store.
  • We will fix only bugs and technical issues, not personal customization, and installation requirements.
  • Technical support is provided regarding the template only that is purchased.

8. Refund Policy

As Wire Templates deliver all products digitally where all sales are final ("it is not a physical product that is returnable"). Once the product is delivered to you a refund is not possible but if the product is fail to work then we are ready to provide 100% refund to your bank account. Further, we can help improve our services If you face any issues. For the following below conditions we will not provide a refund:
  • You don't need the product after you downloaded it because the item that you purchased from us doesn't meet your requirements or you feel the quality is low.
  • Maybe you have changed your mindset regarding the product that you have purchased.
  • Maybe you have bought this item by mistake.
  • You don't have enough knowledge to use this item.
  • Without any insignificant base or reason, you are demanding a refund which is not possible that you want to claim.
  • If template is fail to work(such like as theme is not working/error), then will re-issue the 100% refund.

9. Affiliate Terms

We have used (“LemonSqueezy.com”) Affiliate program in Wire templates. Before joining this Affiliate program you should comply with our below affiliate terms and also the LemonSqueezy.com affiliate terms
The rules for the affiliate program are listed below:
  • The affiliate cannot create its own affiliate links to purchase a product.
  • The affiliate should place their links in the Genuine platform, not for blacklisted/illegal activity platforms.
  • In case of a fraudulent transaction or refund by Gurmoad, the commission will be detected from your balance.
  • The payout will be released by LemonSqueezy every Friday for a week. ("1st weekend is exceptional")

10. Price Changes

Wire Templates have full rights to modify and discontinue prices of all products with or without notice.
The products that are uploaded to our store can be removed without any notice, but technical support is forever available if there is any problem occurred.

12. Discounts & Offers

We retain the right to announce new promotional offers on different items with or without previous notice. You cannot argue that you paid a high amount for the template or that you demand a refund for the discounted template because our discount offers typically coincide with special events and last for a few months or even a few days. After the timeframe, which is determined by our backend staff, is through, we'll stop offering discounts.

13. Compatibility

All templates that are uploaded on our website are only compatible with Google Blogger/Blogspot (Blogger.com). Remember these templates don't work with other platforms like WordPress or Wix etc. We clearly mention in our product checkout pages that our all products are only compatible with the Google blogger/blogspot platform not with other third-party platforms. Hence there should be no refund request that template is purchased from your side.

14. Privacy Policy

You can check our Privacy Policy from here regarding what type of data we collected and what are the conditions for surfing our store

(We still have the authority, without advance notification, to update or alter the present set of Terms & Conditions.)
Last Update: April 19, 2022

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